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Saba | Small Island, Big Adventure

Saba has the ability to make you forget the outside world. It’s a feeling of coming home. Residents are friendly and enjoy helping out tourists.

Saba prides itself on its ability to protect the island ecosystem. The Saba Conservation Department is essential in protecting the beauty of this little island. 

Saba makes it easy for couples wanting to elope, to a Caribbean island that offers so much in such a small package. There are many options for couples. Couples can choose to get married in the rainforest, poolside, or at sunset with ocean views. 

You are able to make all arrangements over the phone to fulfill the marriage requirements required by law in the Dutch Caribbean.

Saba is same-sex friendly and performs same-sex marriages regularly.

At the time of this writing the requirements to get married were:

  • A recent birth certificate
  • Proof of your single status
  • Divorce Decree if previously married
  • Copy of passport
  • Request made with the Census Office
  • Request of Location

Paperwork should be legalized by the Dutch embassy and Minister of Foreign Affairs.

To get started in the process you can email censusmail@sabagov.nl or call +599-416-3497/3311/3312

Scuba Diving

Many are drawn to the beauty found under the waters of Saba. From the shallow water reefs to the deep ocean peaks rising to approximately 110 ft attracting large marine life like sharks.

Saba’s dive industry strictly follows the Saba Marine Park rules to protect the waters surrounding Saba

Dive Shops

Sea Saba

Saba Divers

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